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Counter-Hack Involvement?

Guest Halflife_84|CH

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Hi there fellas.

I am Halflife_84|CH from Counter-hack. I am one of the Public Relations staff, so I decided to see if you guys want some anti-cheat help of any kind.

If so - consider counter-hack - because we are recently expanding into other games besides our primary (Counter-Strike).

Games on the list include - Halo, Diablo 2, Call Of Duty, MTA(I'm a fan), and many more.

You can either e-mail me - or let us know in our forums at http://www.counter-hack.net OR - come on IRC - gamesnet = Channel = #counter-hack

I hope you at least consider the offer for help (or partnership) and good luck with future releases - it's a great mod for VC.

Regards : Halflife_84|CH

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Oh well, we are around if something goes wrong with them..


BTW - keep a eye out for Counter-Mole 4 (USA) - we should be starting something on it soon.

if you don't know what Counter-Mole is - then read up -


That was the press release for the FIRST one - held back in june.

Anyway - if you guys end up needing some extra help, we'd be happy to - I left contact info.


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  • MTA Team

We'll take a look at your site, anyways.. thanks for notifying us / letting us know about this :D

Mind that the problem with MTA is that everything is handled client side, not server side (as in almost every game atm).

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I didn't bad mouth that site in anyway.

if you needed, we would be more than happy to work on a server side program of some sort - or something like Cheating Death - where it's req by the server and the client.

anyway - I got work in the morning - so - see you all later

BTW - I'm seeing Matrix Revolutions first day it comes out - in IMAX

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