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Server Wide Texture Mods


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Hey everyone,

First off I'd like to apologize to all the helpers here at the MTA forums for my lack of knowledge in the world of lua. I understand you guys have lots of things to do rather than just helping me out, and so I wanna say thanks for all the help you guys give to noobs like me!

With that being said...

The entire basis of my server is to have realistic race tracks from around the world, such as Texas Motor Speedway. I downloaded a realistic map, with a bunch of mods in it that is meant to be installed and used in single player, but I want to try to use them on my server.

I already have downloaded and installed mtamodelimp_rc2 and colleditor2-0.4b, but what I need help with is what to do from here. The map mods are really complex.. and filled with files! Here's a layout of the Texas racetrack .rar file:

        --- Data (Folder) 
                  --- Maps (Folder) 
                             --- Interior (Folder) 
                                           --- props.IDE 
                             --- nsr.IDE 
                             --- nsr.IPL 
                  ---  gta.dat 
        --- gta3.img (Folder) 
                     --- LOD_Texas1.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas2.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas3.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas4.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas5.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas6.dff 
                     --- LOD_Texas7.dff (more...all the way up to 13) 
                     --- NSR_Texas.COL 
                     --- NSR_Texas.txd 
                     --- NSR_Texas1.dff 
                     --- NSR_Texas2.dff 
                     --- NSR_Texas3.dff 
                     --- NSR_Texas4.dff (more ... all the way up to 13) 

I hope that this layout can help you helpers, help me! haha, it's really complex >.<

Again, Please help as soon as possible, since this is what my entire server is based on (realistic race maps)

And AGAIN, Thank you all so much for all the help you give.



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help me! haha, it's really complex >.<

Not really, just look into some web sites like gta wiki to know the meaning of all the files and the modding section on gta forums, the hard part is to understand how this work with MTA cause modding web sites dont talk alot about that. Converting by hands can take ages.

Just open your eyes to find things like that : http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtop ... 45b0233280

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I've already read that, but due to the different files types in this map I couldn't do it D:

I talked with one of my good friends, JS, and together we turned it into an actual map and everything... however, for some reason when I start the map ( i added a spawn point already even though there's no end point) it shows my car sitting on an invisible solid object in the sky, and I can see part of the maps roadway, but when I drive to it I go right through it, and then in the main GTA area, on the main land, on the bridge between LS and SF there are about 8 huge objects which are part of the map and map mod, and they're not together or anything, just like they are randomly rotated and set there.

What do you recommend doing?

I used debug and it just says "Info: 1" "Info: 2" .......... "Info: 13" D:

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http://forum.multitheftauto.com/viewtopic.php?f=94&t=46759&sid=7e25ca9d6932b564846449b774a8f1e1 :roll:

You are replacing things, not adding new, so this can replace main map part.

Interior objs are good to replace cause you dont see them in interior 0 (0 = main map)

I don't think that's the problem... is there a way I could send you the map and have you take a look and message me back?

Thanks Benox, you're always a big help :P


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