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Some Site errors

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Well, let's explain this post in an example:

I go to "http://mtasa.com", and I stand up at "Forums" button. I can see a Light Blue resplendence growing up. But it has some bugs at the right side and at the left side. Same as with all the rest of the buttons. The resplendence cuts itself when reaching a kind of "limit". Probably PNG (or GIF) file has those limits and they really suck when I check the design.

Then I go to "http://www.mtasa.com/hosters/" and I cannot return back, because there's no menu!

Well I wanna see heroes, but when I get in "http://www.mtasa.com/donate/", then I cannot return back and I can check a design that it's really not my favourite. You can also add "Donate" button in place of "CLICKING HERE".

Hope you follow some errors I found.

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I know this may not be the right place, but as we are talking about website I would like to "suggest" a new website design. This one is a bit boring already, principally the forums theme, it seems like old sh*t. Anyway, it's up to you.


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