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I´ve an own server.

But i want to have an admin panel or something so i can kick some guys of when they don´t hold thereselfs on the rules...

But how could i do this?

I´ve seen something in the server config about port 4003...

But when i connect to it in MTA client i can´t get in..

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OK i've allready found it...

I just had an cheater on my server...

I gave him an warning... And now he stopped cheating...

But what can i do when they keep on cheating?? Yes i know banning their IP but can i give it treu to you and do you do something with it?

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You need the Admin Panel found here :


When setting up the server find the admin and dont forget to set a different port as your game !!!

Try port "1234" or "4321" Than make your own password. this password will only work when u enter the file you downloaded above . Typed the IP and port and then password .

I know it sounds confusing but im sure youll get it on :wink:

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Why 1234 ?Why 4321 ? Just use the default 4003 shees, and no it woudnt really help by giving us his/their ip's cause theres the problem of static ip and or some people know how to change their ip's so just block them on your server , the admin's of other server will eventuelly catch them.

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