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Why cant we see eachother?

Guest Jasn

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I read around in the Problems & Bugs forum but couldn't find a good answer...

We both have windows 2000, we're on a network, and I can join his server vice-versa. When we get in, we can't see eachother. We both have vice city 1.0, and we can play in the game fine.

I read the answer was to emulate windows 2000 mode or whatever they called it, but that is in windows XP and I am using 2000, so it should work I guess.

I'm pretty sure other people have the same problem as I do, how do I fix it?


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Why should he get XP ? he has win 2K and its good enough for MTA so until he HAS to change it for some other reason i dont see why he should change it,I think your problem might be that because your on LAN you may have to enter other numbers in host and not the ineternet ip, i cant tell you for sure which ,sorry , look at the problems and bugs section.(and the manual)

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