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Ok, I just learned a few basics of C# .NET (programming language) and I made a little sumtin. I coded a simple thing that looks like MTA client and says 0.3 beta. It does a few things, not much though. In an hour maybe, I might edit this again and make a few more things work :D. Please tell me how you think it looks and if I did good for my FIRST try. :lol:

NOTE: I only know a TINY bit. And because it's coded in C# .NET, you need the .NET Framework installed on your computer. This .rar also contains the source code, so if anyone wants to try and make something cool out of this and post it, be my guest. Also, don't mind the file names inside the source code folder. It's just what I called my project. MTA look-a-like.exe is the app file name!


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I know, I did just learn that. Once I learn a bit more I'll try and get your nick to appear under the players box when you hit connect and somehow make the chat work :wink: . But, as Iggy said. I just learned this. I'm looking into how I can push it farther.

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