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some server and chat options


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1:i was thinking about an optin to maximise the chat window and change the interface to something like irc, then u could select to talk to every1 on the server or only 1 person or to a selected group (like: ctrl & left mouse click) than u could minimize it again and talk only to e.g your clan....coz sometimes ppl r talking different languages or spamming the chat with their problems.

i dunno if it's possible at the moment coz sometimes even the 2.2 chat has probs (overloaded or something)

2:an option for the stunt server to make players invincible coz 4 me it makes no sense to give the players 150 hp's and put a health icon on every corner (just a waste of time). or maybe just make it to an admin command like: /invincible on/off

3:an option for deathmatch to choose: radar on/off i also like to play first person shooters w/o the radar (u or ur teammate always have to watch ur back). I KNOW it would be hard to find the other players on such a big map, + maybe ppl would begin to camp around the spawn places (hehe, like if they would not already do it).

lol i guess im the none with these needs :lol:

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1 .might be hard or not really usefull

2 . that woud make the agame less realistic and it woudnt really give you supence when trying a stunt, and what about when you fall in the water?

3. You can do this yourself in gta options, i have played it like this wioth a couple of friends it was VERY nice but VERY hard to get used to.

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