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Cheaters :-(


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A good thing to do in the next version of MTA is :

Put a rule in VC that when you reach a certaint hight your client closes and you are disconnected . This will prevent people from cheating and using trainers to get on top of the hotel and mess up the characters.


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i know some trainers that work with mta i dont use them because it fucked up my game

the first one

1 *removed*

and the last one i found somewhere do not know where

2 *removed*

Please don't help the nubbish cheaters :wink:

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I don't know what trainers work with MTA cause I don't cheat!

I am sure glad you listed them incase some other unscrupulous but technically deficient mother fucker decides he want to cheat.

This topic was about cheaters not for them and before you point out that you said you don't cheat. You said you don't cheat because it fuck s up your computer not because it is wrong.



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