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High lag when first loading engine & spawn



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Please install the following:

Provide another MTADiag log after installing.

Do you remember which version the problem started? Try some older nightlies from this page if the problem continues after driver updates. You will need to tick the "Show older files" box to find the older nightlies.

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Nothing happens after install this. I'm also checked some versions from nightly.mtasa.com:

rc-3940 - OK

rc-3996 - OK

rc-4003 - OK

rc-4035 - OK

rc-4066 - OK

rc-4071 - BAD

rc-4078 - BAD

rc-4088 - BAD

rc-4100 - BAD

rc-4208 - BAD

rc-4550 (last from MTA update function) - BAD

rc-4571 (last from nightly.mtasa.com) - BAD

rc-4066 is the last no-lag version, what's wrong has added in rc-4071


Maybe important: i got lag when i see "Entering the game" statement and location name - "Ganton"


Another mtadiag results: http://pastebin.com/Gmzpd2iF

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