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Any good hosts for servers with mods?

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GameServers4You is a company that has been around here for almost a year now. Our thread here is one of the biggest of the MTA hosting forum. We have many happy customers and I'm sure you can be one of them.

Why you should choose us?

Simple, we have a fast infrastructure. Our main gameservers are located in Germany and our control panel server is located in a separate datacenter in The Netherlands, connected to a 1GBit uplink. We also offer fast support and have a small community built in in our control panel so you can ask other clients for support. This way we ensure you have the fastest support possible.

Our control panel is also a custom built panel. The panel has much features which are more advanced then the most panels are. We post updates mostly the day they come out (your choice if you want to install them or not). Also we offer backups, fast configuration changes, live query data, webftp. Too much to tell you.

One of the points that might also be persuasive is that we offer different kind of payment methods. We offer phone payments using OneBip and of course also PayPal. But if you can't use any of those methods or do not want to spend money, you can also affiliate for us! Earn 20% of every purchase your referral makes! Please visit our website for more information.

If you have any more questions, please contact us!

Kind regards,


[email protected]

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