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Dead or Alive


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the same thing happend last night, but with a differens i shot a guy with the shot gun weapons popup but he still has full health, i run to get the weapons i get them, i shot him again weapons popup again i run over i take the weapons i see he still has full health i try to run away but he nail's my ass too the ground im dead, last thing i see is he takes my weapons :oops: .

to bad i did't get screenis off this but it's not the first thing that comes to mind when im in a gun fight :roll:

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i think if its as bad as that, its probably because of serious lag on the part of the other guy. i had that problem too, where this guy was coming at me, but his lag was bad, so his vehicle looked like it was teleporting to me. his car basically skipped past me, so i didnt get hit. very weird :shock: . has anyone noticed how when ppl crash their character stays? its hard to tell if theyre still there until you shoot them and theres no effect, but its kinda annoying to have to test if someone is still there everytime when ur trying to do a taxi service :P

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all its saying is ur pc says u killed him, but his pc says hes not dead cause he really didnt die, so that shit still pops up, but the server sychs him as alive since he is

Exactly :!:

Pain in the ass? maybe but look at it this way. More ammo = More better

The thing to remember is the guy isn't dead until you get credit on the chat log or you see that he dies without giving you credit. grrr :evil:

The weapons that pop up are a peace offering, your intended victim is saying (in a high pitched voice) "Please don't shoot me, here are my weapons, I don't want any trouble"- DO NOT ACCEPT - They have strings attached. Keep shooting and get the weapons when the name pops up.

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