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I just wanna know where this leaves the future of MTA:SA

Death most likely.

Seems that way. It was a good project while it lasted.

brace yourselves,

MTA SA will still be alive in next 10 years posts are coming

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brace yourselves,

MTA SA will still be alive in next 10 years posts are coming

Correct. There are just so many more computers which can handle MTA:SA than GTA 5.

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Lol you mean, we need an MTA:V version.

I think something called FiveM. It will be something like MTA but in gta V it will have scripting devolping and etc.

they are still working on it

It's only a matter of time before Take2 Interactive shuts it down tho. They don't want any multiplayer modifications for GTA V and have even shut down a few mods already sadly.

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I did not try it, but I will soon.

About the MP I saw that there is an official map editor in a thing called the creator. It get updates and I saw DD custom maps with red and blue team.

I also saw some race pickups, I think they are official. Also saw some event scripts that you can add to your maps but I think it was not official.

So conclusion, thats awesome in one side, but it will badly hurt MTA. GTA V MP is so popular that it reaches Minecraft CS Dota level.

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On 22/04/2015 at 03:59, zerb said:

It's a great game.. but the return to Vice City will be even better!

Yes. I still wish to go back to vice City. My good times was spend on that and San andreas. Don't wish to ahead of this :P.

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