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IGN had some very interesting articles today as well. In one of the articles the lead developer for Rockstar North confirmed there will be wild life in GTA V. I'm very excited for this, because it was a lot of fun hunting in Red Dead Redemption.

Yeah, indeed. There's a "GTA Animal Database" @GTAForums.


Interview with Rockstar's Vice President, Dan Houser.

With 3 characters in GTA V, I guess you want to develop co-op ?

I don't want to tell much right now, but there will be a semblance of cooperation in multiplayer mode.

You know Rockstar well, there will definitly be a single player experience and a multiplayer experience,

neither of these two modes will interfere on the other. [...]

You offer the player to control three people simultaneously, but if we decide to play with one of the three, does it work well?

Off mission, yes. But when you follow the scenario, you've got to switch. The history will require that, to complete certain tasks.

There is no rule per se, but you will see that of course, you change character as the situation will impose itself. It is also one of the most

complicated thing that we put in place, because we have to think all possible situations and that, believe me, it was not so simple. [...]

The missions do not always need three characters, some will requires only two or even one.

What are the relationship between Michael, Franklin and Trevor ? Is there a brain in the band?

Is there one that stands out more than the other?

Michael could be considerated as the brain, yes. Anyway, he thinks so... He is the older, the most experienced and he is the first character

we've been thinking of. He looks like a GTA hero [...] a kind of Tommy Vercetti who settle down, who tries and lives his father life.

But how become a citizen like any other when we played the thugs for so many years? He is like a soldier in Vietnam who is back from the war

and continue to believe he is on duty. He has a family that he can't leave for specific reasons, get tons of money and can have access to all

the pleasures he wants but he's bored. He is always good at what he does, steal, kill, but he does not want to fall back into its failings. [...]

Franklin is quite the opposite. A young guy who wants to succeed by getting a clear idea of life. He knows the streets of Los Angeles are

no longer as before, that the deals are no longer the same as before but he is always ready to go to earn money. He has ambition

and that is what makes it maintains a close relationship with Michael. They are similar but with thirty years apart.

Regarding Trevor, the third and final character we created. He is the dark side of the hero of GTA, who doesn't cares for anything.

It did not take orders from anyone. He lives alone, has gone mad and has no limit. It is a maniac. [...] Trevor is the perfect asshole

you will love to play. He is anything but hypocritical in the sense that he lives his life mobster and marginal without lying to himself,

which is not the case with Michael behind the family life he leads.

In creating these 3 characters with really opposite temperament, are you looking to lead the player in his choice, in the sense that to play

the bad boys, we naturally choose Trevor, while good deeds will be left to Michael? This kind of behavior ...

It's a little bit true, but if you leave the player in free will, we would like to act effectively in terms of the psychology of each hero that

we have created. When you take control of Trevor, you will naturally have to act like him, that is to say, be provocative, rush into the crowd,

while Michael think twice before acting. You will fully assume their role and you will see that the world of GTA V will react differently

depending on which character you have at the end.

Calling on 3 characters at the same time seems so logical when you see the game.

Are you aware that it will be difficult to go back and tomorrow it will be a standard?

Oh, I do not agree with you. Do we have to do this way in the future with a systematic 3 characters in GTA ? I'm not so sure ...

I think we can continue to make interesting games with a single hero. But let the development of GTA V to expire, take out the game

and see if the public embraces this new idea. If they hate it, we will have to backtrack (laughs).

Will GTA V offer moral choices, as those who had been experimenting in GTA IV?

Will you develop this psychological aspect to the characters?

There will be times when you will have to make a choice but it will not have direct impact on the scenario.

But unlike GTA 4, the history of GTA V will not turn around only the assassination, which allows the player to understand a situation

in different ways. We can not really talk about moral choices because it is not really the spirit of GTA, but rest assured,

GTA 5 will provide significant freedom of gameplay.

You've decided to give access to the whole city of Los Santos right from the beginning of the game.

No closed areas to unlock throughout the adventure. This is a first. Why so generous?

Why unlock the entire city in GTA V? Good question... we thought that to block access of some parts of the city would lose the greatness

of Los Santos and one of our priorities in GTA 5 is to make the player feel that he evolves in a huge world. There are so many things

to unlock in the game, so much that it was unnecessary to limit the scope of the player. But if you let yourself be carried away by the game's story,

you will not have to go straight to the desert which is the ultimate limit of Los Santos.

Is it not also an indirect way to give full powers to the player right from the beginning?

No need to wait 10 hours before you can play with powerful weapons or simply have access

to vehicles such as fighter aircraft or helicopter quickly?

You got it right. The idea was not to frustrate the player and offer him immediately what the city has to offer as fun.

You can enjoy all this fun early in the game, measure the greatness of Los Santos, which make you happy.

But again, you will see that the following the scenario, there is something fun very quickly.

I guess it is the same time period as GTA IV? Can we expect connections between the two games?

This is roughly the same period, yes, except that GTA V takes place in 2013 and GTA IV in 2008.

It remains however the same world as the history of GTA 5 takes place four years after GTA 4 ...

Can we hope that, one day, we will see a GTA elsewhere than in an American city?

In Europe, it would not work because the DNA of a GTA is truly the American culture, Americana side, where everything is possible

and that we must fight to get to the end of its objectives or dreams. Should GTA takes place absolutely in a big city in the United States?

No... I Well, I don't know. The GTA III's Liberty City does not looks like the GTA IV's one. It was more referring to a city on the east coast

and the country. And when you think about it, San Andreas was very small and at the time we did not have the tools to go after our goals.

Our developers did a remarkable job of infusing life in this city and you will realize only when you have the controller in your hands.

You will not have this feeling of repetition compared to San Andreas. And this time, with Los Santos, you will walk in a map simply enormous

and faithful to what a city like Los Angeles can offer. This mixture of cultures and its iconic side with its references to American cinema

and its landscapes defined as anyone can recognize easily. These are all the reasons why we find that New York and Los Angeles are fascinating cities.

Note that I am not saying that other cities in Europe or another are not interesting, but for a game like GTA, it matche pretty well.

GTA V seems the most ambitious game Rockstar Games has ever made. Do you feel threatened

by the arrival of big games that want to impose themselves as essential as the open world game?

No, not at all. After GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, we knew what direction we wanted to take.

Questionning ourself is something innate in us, certainly not because the competition is more intense in recent years.

We are more in competition with the games we've created than with the games from other publishers.

We respect them and we still enjoy playing their games. [...]

Is there aquatic missions planned in GTA V?

There were a few aquatic missions in GTA: San Andreas, but I must admit that it was not great.

Now, I can assure you if we planned underwater missions in GTA 5 ... Uh ... Maybe so ... (laughs)

Come on, I'll be honest with you. There is an area of ​​water that we have modeled and given that our goal is to provide

a maximum variety in the missions, you can imagine what you can do with GTA 5. I say no more ...

Many things have been said about the combat system in GTA IV, as the gunfight sequences.

Have you reconsidered this aspect of the game? What direction did you take?

There were gaps in the past, it is true, but we did what we could at the time. Since we released Red Dead and Max Payne 3

and we have learned to control gunfights and you can be sure to find this expertise in GTA V. You know, the heart of

the gameplay of GTA, what is it? Driving and gunfights. This is something that we have not left behind this time and the result

is by far one of our proudest moments. Driving in GTA V is simply spectacular, you will have the sensation of playing

a true racing game. This is brilliant. And gunfights are also very brillant. We have thought of everything.

Can we expect a similar gameplay of Max Payne 3 for GTA 5?

We have not done a cut and paste of Max Payne 3 gameplay in GTA V, but it is sure that we use our know-how with this game to redefine

the fighting in the gunfights. I can not go into details now because it's too early to tell, but want GTA V to be the ultimate open world game,

so you can rely on our research. But again, games like Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3 and Midnight Club Los Angeles

have definitely inspired GTA V.

GTA is also about mini-games. What are your plans this time?

There will be less mini-games than in the previous GTA, but they will be of high quality, the same quality such as poker in

Red Dead Redemption. Many people believe that this the most successful poker and continue to play elsewhere. This is what we wanted

to do with tennis, golf and yoga. Instead of proposing fifty rotten mini-games, it was decided to give you a sufficient quantity but quality.

And it was worth it, because there is another aspect that people love in GTA is to do what we want, go about their business [...]

And this translates in these mini-games that we wanted to be exemplary so you can spend quality time. They are fun to play and

from there, you can start GTA V just to play these mini-games.

With GTA IV, you introduced the use of mobile phones, with occasional missions advantage of today's technologies [...]

Can we expect this kind of thing in GTA V? Fashion is social networking, Facebook, Twitter. Will it be in the game?

Maybe yes... Maybe there will be some things like that... The story of GTA V will take place in 2013, which means that we have

adapted GTA V to today's world. The phone will always be there, but it has evolved. We use smartphones now so you can expect

to use your mobile phone like in real life ...

Can we say that GTA V is probably the most ambitious game for Rockstar Games?

In a sense, yes. With the integration of these three characters to control at the same time, it was a real challenge for us and in hindsight,

I think the most ambitious games we have created so far is GTA III and GTA V. GTA IV also somewhere, because it was the first game

in high definition we did, but GTA III has a particular taste, probably because he revolutionized the game. It was the first of its kind,

the starting point of everything. But this time, with GTA V, everything is so huge that you will never see a game open world

in the same way. In all ways, we have no choice but to push the limits, because we will be judged on the content.

People always want more and this is normal. It has been over 6/7 years that we play on this generation of consoles, so people

are accustomed to their machine. It is time to give them something spectacular.

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IGN's interview with GTA Producer Les Benzies

IGN has put up their interview with Rockstar North studio head and GTA Producer Leslie Benzies. In addition, they've also released two new screenshots.

There's several bits of new and interesting information. We've pulled all of them out and placed them below in its original form, from the mouth of Les:

We do have a bunch of missions in GTA V that are far more freeform than anything we have done before. We tell you to go get something and the player decides how to do it - what characters they need on the job and what tools they need for those characters.

Animals aren't just a backdrop - you can expect to see dogs guarding areas and causing the player trouble when they try to sneak past them.

If the player wants to get their hands on one of the more 'high end' vehicles early in the game they'll have to work for it. For instance, airport security won't let you just wander in and steal a jet, they'll give you some serious opposition.

Weapons are slightly different since we have to find a balance between giving the player freedom and giving them a challenge.

Letting players have any weapon they want, whenever they want it, would make earlier missions less of a challenge and less satisfying. That being said, as the player makes progress through the game they will build up a satisfying arsenal.

Refining open world multiplayer into something really special has been a huge focus of development and we are very excited to share more information with people soon.

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( if they make PC version, of course ).

That was stupid, of course they are going to make it.

You can't assure that.

Oh yes I can, R* didn't ever make the GTA for consoles only.

It's just that every game company makes games for consoles first and then ports to PC.

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Has Anyone noticed GTA V is a complete copy of MTA? lol?

Like Nearly Every feature in the second trailer is possible on MTA!

lol they only improvement is the graphics

:facepalm: They probably don't even know about Multi Theft Auto.

Yeah I bet they know. MTA isn't a small thing. It did something that no other mod ever did! And another thing R* did contact MTA back in like 2003(or something). Search it up.

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Has Anyone noticed GTA V is a complete copy of MTA? lol?

Like Nearly Every feature in the second trailer is possible on MTA!

lol they only improvement is the graphics

:facepalm: They probably don't even know about Multi Theft Auto.

Yeah I bet they know. MTA isn't a small thing. It did something that no other mod ever did! And another thing R* did contact MTA back in like 2003(or something). Search it up.

I said "probably".

It's not because something is possible in MTA that it must be a copy.

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Hmm scuba diving? Can't wait to see that! With the 2nd pic it's pretty much confirmed that animals like dogs will appear in the game. The 3rd pic looks interesting too, a brand new vehicle! The 4th pic I like a lot, I'm always fascinated with the Hydra! 5th pic is amazing as well. All these screenshots make me impatient!

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I'm 90% sure that they'll delay the game to like summer or even fall. I mean look at their previous games that were delayed:



-Vice City

-San Andreas

-GTA 3

and the list goes on. They'll delay it for bug testing and to make sure everything is ran smoothly. This is just my prediction.

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