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Old School GTA Deathmatch, Traffic & Cars

Guest mtlife

Do you want the lan option innit?  

  1. 1. Do you want the lan option innit?

    • Yes, only for lan
    • No, it will slow down gameplay
    • Yes, but I want traffic online too

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Well, seems to me mta is a big hit. And everyone I have spoken too thinks traffic and pedestrians on the road are useless. BUT, when I played gta 1 and gta 2 deathmatch with 2 or 3 of my friends it was fun. Now in mtavc its boring as hell, because it takes hours to find eachother, there are no cops bothering you. No cars which you can crash in if you are chasing someone, it all is rather boring.

My suggestion is to use the normal traffic and pedestrians engine, the regular place for the copters and cars, without missions ofcourse. And include that in the server, it shouldnt be that hard. And set it as an option in the linux sever to run as a "LAN Game" so that internet games are still fast and without the traffic. And people on lan can have more fun. It will increase upload and stuff alot I think, but it doesnt matter since u are on lan.

The way of doing it is to just send all the data the server generates with the traffic to the clients. The hard part is to synchronise when clients meet eachother, I dont know how its done in gta2 or gta, maybe you can look that up. If that fails, you can always delete all traffic when player meet eachother and send new data. It will be annoying, but its only a temporary fix till you guys find out how to make the synchronisation. It will make lan games, with few people alot more fun. There is nothing better then fighting the cops together, you can still keep the passenger code because that code just owns so hard :D.

Its just a suggestion, but I dont play mta anymore just because its boring :roll: .

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