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SQL question (sq lite)


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Is is possible to save a database manually?

several times now ive had server crashes (its very rare nowdays) and lose all the data since the server was

last started. so rather than me restarting the server to save the db is there a way to do this with a command?

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well i always lose data when the server crashes, from what i can gather think the sql db only saves on shutdown

so if the dedi crashes or the server.exe crashes all new data since the server started is lost.

luckily for me, after losing so much data time and time again, i moved a lot over to xml

but with new scripts i find i want to save more stats and i think right now its on the limits...

and i dont wanna risk adding any more to sql coz i keep losing data.

i guess i'll have to carry on as it is for now. thx for the quick reply :)

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