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Arenas -(ex.: /dd /dm in one)


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What i make a script for 2 gamemodes in one ---

/dd - Start a DD arena , something as of FFS.

/dm - The same as dd.

I dont speak on 2 servers , i speak on 2 arenas is one server.

Its a start resource or gamemode ?

I want you to playing players in dd and dm together.

My teory - Command has must start gamemode,([race]) and on gamemode is maps and addons.True ? For true please give me instructions. Plese , its my big problem.

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Iam not have enough money to two servers. And for redirect, not posting for redirect.

And its not copyed idea , its a example !

What is your idea for dd and dm in one ? Now i have only random maps [DD/DM] , and for my gamemode -

What start a gamemode with command ?[Only for client / one player, no for all]

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