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DD-Mode Section - Suggestion - New Life For The Forum

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I suggest to create new sections on this forum.

For example - look at DD (gamemode of Race mode).

The DD community has no common site. Players of this mode are desintegrated among several communities, sites and servers.

Would be really great if the administators create special section - "Destruction Derby" and some special sub-sections in it:

- Clans (Clans introduce themselves, give sites, contacts and other information)

- Events (DD Leagues, Championships, Special Events - creators or clans can make an advertisement about their Events for other clans or players, so more people will know)

- DD Discussions (Ideas, players, dd-mapping, dd videos, dd pictures)

- Servers (About DD-only servers)

I know that these sub-sections can duplicate the existing sections of this forum, but say to me truthly, are the existing such sub-sections popular, do someone look them? No, because there are "all-in" - all gamemodes, the sections are too far from each other and its really difficult and stupidly to search something there about specific interest (e.g. DD in this case).

If this forum section be popular, may be would be better to make more needed sub-sections.

DD community is very crushed as I said, so I guess that the only main place for the meeting (the future DD section) will be the best way to be in contact for all DD players, and it will inform each DD player about latest news in this mode.

This mode is not small "by population" - there are about 12 or more very popular servers, clanwar-servers; ~20 more active clans, ~350 or more active DD-Only players.

If you like this idea, may be it would be nice to make similiar [DM], [Race], Shooting and other specific gamemode sections. I am sure that such measures will make this forum much more popular and really useful.

I am sure that a lot of other DD players will support this idea.

Thanks for reading!

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I support this ideea but i believe it will need alot of work to make it happen but if this will ever happen it could open up the competitive side of the Destruction Derby. I believe that not only the

Even better idea would be offical MTA tournaments in DD and other competitve gamemodes. But this is a good idea anyway. I support it.

Such solution will extend and make easier the life of the mode, which is favourite for many people in MTA. There are no any analogue of DD in any other game except MTA, and I guess that it never been. Think about this.

@ Administrators: Guys, imagine the situation when a newbie is visiting this forum. He will never know that MTA has so many different and nice gamemodes.

May be he could find here a DD information (just example, choose any other mode) and become a constant player. But its really not easy to find any useful information there or just to get to know about MTA modes.

Nowadays, the only thing a newbie can find is a lot of boring YT-movies in Maps-showroom. He will see these [DM]-movies (even if he find them) and will think that its MTA, nothing more. He wont see this great DD mode, great Race-maps mode, great Shooting or RPG or any other stuff of MTA.

And.. Many players (like me, a lot of them) are not interested in other gamemodes absolutely. They want information only about the gamemode they play. And they have no a main international place for contacts, talks, introductions of the ideas, news, etc.

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Solidsnake, is "Servers" the only reason of rejection this idea?

I wrote above:

I know that these sub-sections can duplicate the existing sections of this forum, but say to me truthly, are the existing such sub-sections popular, do someone look them? No, because there are "all-in" - all gamemodes

If the section ('Servers') will have only similiar types of topics, and will be placed in specific section, then it will be convinient for the users who play DD. Anyway, if you dont like this, its not the main sub-section of the DD-forum I suggested. But if to make the DD section, the 'Servers' is really needed because the existing common 'Servers' section is like a dump, and there are about 15-20 DD servers in MTA.

Main reason why I suggest this idea is that nowadays DD players are divided between a lot of servers and do not know about existing of each other. They have no main central site, and MTA Forum do not support such option unfortunely. And it means that players have much less clanwars, tournaments than they could have, and they dont know about newest things happening in all community.

I didnt say that you should create a Sub-Forum only for DD. I also suggested that you can make similiar things for other very popular gamemodes. It is normal, and I really dont understand why its still not created here. I am sure that 80% of the players who like [DM] will not read and be interested in [Race] or [shooting] gamemodes. Each gamemode of MTA looks like separate game, so the existing sections like 'Maps', 'Servers', 'Leagues and events', 'Gangs' are looking like a dump. What sence to make topics there if there are all-in. For example 'Maps', if I make there topic about DD, Base or Race map, till some days it will be somewhere in the far page and among 1000 similiar [DM]-youtube videos. Same with other sections, no sence to post there cuz of such a "dump". This problem is stopping MTA developing as community. Everyone here will confirm you that the Gamemodes should be divided.

I had asked a lot of people about this idea, and everyone said that it would be very good and useful, it probably will make this mode (and other modes with similiar problem) much more popular.

If you say that someone can create separate site/forum/project only for DD, I will say that its very bad idea, because:

* It wont be independent, because someone will host and manage it

* It wont be 'one place for all', because no guarantee that all will recognize it as central place for contacts. Also no guarantee that all will know about it

* It wont be neutral, because in case of any conflict it can be crashed as 'central place'

* No guarantee that it always will be online and actively be managed because such projects are made by enthusiasts

MTA site is well known for everyone who play this game. And it is neutral, independent, a priori central place, online until MTA exists, and the future gamemodes' sections will no need in 'leaders' or 'organizers'.

It can looks like:



---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion


---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion

Destruction Derby

---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion

All shooting Gamemodes

---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion

Other Gamemodes (e.g. RPG, Freeroam, Zombie)

---Clans, Servers, Events, Discussion

You can try to make only DD section as an experiment, we will see how will it be till 3-4 monthes. I dont know about other gamemodes, but DD, Race and Shooting modes really need it so much, its sad that it wasnt created before.

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If some the administrators are asking themselves: "Who is this newbie saying us what to do?"

So, I will try to introduce myself shortly .

I had account here before - memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=43670 - but lost my password, so created a new one.

My old and better known nickname is Zaya.

I am playing MTA (mostly DD) since 2007, from client version [MTA Race 1.1.1].

Since 2009 I am actively developing and popularizing Destruction Derby gamemode.

In October 2009 with my team we made 2nd DD server in MTA 1.0, which was the most popular for a long time, and still is a standard.

Our clan GMC had significant influence in DD and formed a huge community of DD players.

Also I created many very popular DD maps.

I know almost everything about DD, and its problems. So I know what I speak about when suggest smth like this. The problem I described above is real, and the only and best way to fix it is creating what I suggested.

I am not 100% sure that it will help to gather all DD communities, but may be till some time it will happen and you will see there many specific stuff which will be useful and interesting for DD players and clans -

- contacts of DD-only clans who are ready to play clanwars,

- DD leagues, championships or other events announcements,

- DD Stunting videos (now you need to search it among many sites and forums),

- discussions about DD servers, maps, players,

- and a lot of other different specific argues and discussions which are interesting only for DD communities

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I support this ideea but i believe it will need alot of work to make it happen but if this will ever happen it could open up the competitive side of the Destruction Derby. I believe that not only the DD side of the game gets overlooked but the whole game, anyways would be good to see streamed (and maybe commented) tournamens (just like other competitive games) because i know that top clans will agree with me when i say that there is definitely a major strategic side to DD clanwars.

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