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[HELP] Little help with createProjectile function?


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Hi to everyone, I'm making a script that makes rockets shoot from ass (xD), the projectile is created, but has a bad (I repeat: BAAD) rotation! Here's the script:

        if getControlState("fire") == true then 
            if selWeap == 1 then 
                local x, y, z = getPedBonePosition(getLocalPlayer(), 1) 
                local rot = getPedRotation(getLocalPlayer()) 
                local velRot = rot + 180 
                velRot = velRot + 90 
                velRot = math.rad(velRot) 
                local dirX, dirY = math.cos(velRot), math.sin(velRot) 
                rot = getPedRotation(getLocalPlayer()) + 180 
                createProjectile(getLocalPlayer(), 19, x, y, z, 1, nil, 0, 0, rot, dirX, dirY, 0) 
                setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "peto", true) 
            setElementData(getLocalPlayer(), "peto", false) 
        for i, players in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do 
            if getElementData(players, "peto") == true then 
                local x, y, z = getPedBonePosition(players, 1) 
                local rot = getPedRotation(players) 
                rot = rot + 180 
                rot = rot + 90 
                rot = math.rad(rot) 
                local dirX, dirY = x + math.cos(rot), y + math.sin(rot) 
                dirX, dirY = dirX - x, dirY - y 
                fxAddTankFire(x, y, z, dirX, dirY, 0) 
, 250, 0) 

What is the problem? :evil:createProjectile

Everything is working, but it creates the projectile with a rotation of 0, please help me!


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