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Server Programers Hiring

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Hi and i am happy to announce i am opening a Real Life server

this server is going to have many things like jobs-missions-gambling-gangturfing-zombie infected area-deadly random explosions-and many more!


I dont have any of these yet so i need some programmers for the server that can make scripts and stuff for these or even edit and improve already made things

I want all the jobs to be a similar as possible to CIT.nets and me and the programmers will thing of more improvements for them so they arnt copied i also want the cop jobs to be promotable through arrest points and arrests

the zombies - i want the little village bay on the other side of los santos bridge on top of the map , i want it to be infasted with zombies but i dont want them to get out so if they get to the middle of the bridge or the tunnels that lead out onto the highway

i want them to die and drop $1 for 30 seconds

i want the gang turfing to be in LV well as similar as CIT.net but we will add alot of ideas

i also want gambaling to be the same as singleplayer gambleing but i want a casino icon were all the casinos are and also i want the horse racing stores to be lottery stores

Missions im still thinking about

i want all stores to be the same as singleplayer but i dont want saloons aka hairstore -im from england but i like to write them in the american version on here-i also want all clothes stores to skin stores

the random explosions are well i just want flying objects that look strange in the sky that throw down missles anywere in random places like every hour there are 50 explosions all over the map

if you apply for this job you will get a free liketime admin rank on the server and other admin things

Please apply to this job i want to try and beat the CIT server by making this better and bigger :fadein:

ill need

ING -ingamename

Skills & Experience

anything else:

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Plus making an RPG is extremely risky, theres 20% chance that you will actually open. I've seen tons of RPG that have failed and fallen flat on their faces. Because servers have faces.

huuu only if i knew how or i had friends who knew how oh well im just gona find things on this website for the server for now

mabye make it a diffrent mode

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I think it is possible to find free scripters. If you have good scripting skills and have done something special, some people may want to join and form a team with you. But if you don't, then you won't do benefit for them and they're not going to work with you.

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I find the problem is that people are too Capitalist. Lots of people are willing to help for free, whereas some aren't, but they shouldn't be demanding money when the project leader obviously doesn't want to spend any money. Just don't post, and allow somebody who is willing to work, to reply.

Anyway, good luck with your server, and since when does 'Real life' mean zombies?

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The problem isn't "capitalism", the problem is people coming in here, asking for entire gamemodes for absolutely no recompensation and thinking that this is somehow acceptable. It kind of isn't.

Also, "hiring" implies you'll actually hire someone, not make them work for you for free. :P

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