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[HELP] Getting value from MySQL Database


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It's connected with mysql_connect.

handler = mysql_connect("localhost", "root", "pass", "multi theft auto") 


Ok. Connected with DbConnect and got values with dbPoll, but I don't understand that dbPoll. Can someone explain me how it works?

local query = dbQuery( connection, "SELECT * FROM pickups WHERE UID="..i) 
local result, numrows, errmsg = dbPoll ( query, -1 ) 
if numrows > 0 then 
    for result, row in pairs ( result ) do 
        -- by using a second loop (use it if you want to get the values of all columns the query selected): 
        for column, value in pairs ( row ) do 
            -- column = the mysql column of the table in the query 
            -- value = the value of that column in this certain row 
        -- or without a second loop (use it if you want to handle every value in a special way): 
        outputChatBox ( row["column"] ) -- it will output the value of the column "column" in this certain row 

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