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plz help me!!

Guest rnrkyo

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hi guys,

when i start mp game the game freeze in the character selection menu..

i have still read manuals and faq,but i didn t find anything,i olso try to deselect the win 98 compatibility mode...

i have 43.25 whlq driver for nvidia card

gta vc 0.1 (clean istallation)

lastest mta vc version istalled...

what more can i do?

plz help me! :(

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fatphil: *sigh*...

Are you using the english version of VC?

language english,yes...i try to istall the 1.1 version but no way...

ghetto fab are you shure that reistall mta is the way to resolve the problem?i hope..

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Its the Austrailian version of VC, they have a patch for it

no no,i have the normal version...i can try to reistall mta..

can depend of the driver version of my ge force 4?

43.25 official whql

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  • MTA Team

If it is constant: Use other methods mentioned

If you get through sometimes: Try waiting a bit longer after you have control of choosing. Sometimes giving the character selection screen more time will help prevent crashing.

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