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1 on 1 gangmember challange.


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This is an idea I came up with,its called 1 on 1 challange.

How it is played:

The winner of the last challange gets to pick an apponent from either his own gang or another gang and fights them 1 on 1

The challange is played in 5 rounds - The first one to 3 is the winner

The rounds consist of assult - There is no defending of attacking of property

Rules of engagment:

1. You must be in a gang.

2. You are allowed weapon pickups - except the Spaz Automatic Shotgun(null round if used)

3. There doesn't have to be a referee present but it is perferable if there is

4.Chopper kills dont count! (any fool can kill you with a chopper)



1.DeathB of VCP - 5 wins undefeated


2.Iggy248 of VCP - 1 win undefeated


3.Yet to be filled

Just a reminder,you have to be in a gang to compete and to get your name in the table...

Also feel free to suggest any ideas or comments you want to share.

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um why me... i suck right... :? explain why you chose me of all people...

-edit- i feel i should explain myself a little further, there are 2 things wrong with your challenge

1. i WILL NOT fight someone 1 on 1 when spas's are allowed, they are the most unbalanced gun in mta, and ANYONE could kill someone with it. you point, u shoot, there dead. and its 99.99 percent likely that youl hit. i dont care about the other guns, but i will object to this one.

2. neo: when we fought u in our match u didnt just lag, you warped. your on 56k, and it shows. i hope that you live near a friend or someone who has a decent internet connection that theyl let u use, cuz otherwise i wont fight you. i dont feel its fair if you warping around me to try and fight you. i dont mean lag just to clarify, I MEAN WARP.

3. neo: compufan2000@yahoo.com if you want to set this thing up, lets set it up with rules that are agreeable to both of us. get on msn and wel discuss it further

-note- no disrespect is meant by this post just to clairfy

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well neo and i had it out today, we found a server that he didnt lag on :P heres a nice brief summary :P

round one: i won

round two: i won

round three: he won

round four: i won

3-1 game to me

that brief enuf? :P

anyone else who would like to challenge me go ahead and do so on here, i cant really think of anyone i wanna challenge :?

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ok ive just made up my mind on something. im not fighting these one on ones anymore. if i win then everyones just kinda like "yay he won". if i lose then il never hear the end of it. :o that. im not accepting anymore challenges unless u give me a reason why i should.

basically it boils down to this

"nothing to gain, everything to lose"

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hmm this sounds like an asap just because its u dealer. even if i DONT win i will STILL enjoy beating the crap out of ur body will its laying at my feat with 200 percent more bullets then needed :twisted: j\k

but anyways, lets schedule a fight... SOON

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well dealer and i played, and unlike some OTHER encounters ive had, this one was actually FUN thats right FUN, anyways heres the summary

1. i win

2. he wins

3. i win

4. i win

5. he wins

it was a fun match, and a game that i wouldnt mind repeating :P

now anyone else that wants a piece of me put ur name down here and why i should fight u. and il smear ur ass all over the pavement. UR TALKING TO THE UNDEFEATED CHAMP BITCH BRING IT. NOW THATS GLOATING.

im not going to hold back from gloating anymore like i have been. u guys obviously dont know what the :o gloating is so im not gonna bother to hold my tounge. until i hear a statement outa one of u telling us the meaning of gloating.

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ay death fuck lol

looks like that speech i gave really got u goin, glad to see it :D

i kno u look up to me like an older brother so id just thought id say, u kno i let u win ;)

hehe nah m8, very good game, well much fun, must do it again sometime. And its about time u stopped taking other ppls feelings into consideration :twisted:

Gd to have u bk

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hehe why thank u, nice to have u here, erm.. older brother :P

oh ya, and btw i fought wartech in a best 3 outa 5 match.

round 1 = i win

round 2 = i win

round 3 = i win

now whos next

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well johnny and i had it out. and heres the results.

round 1 = i win

round 2 = i win

round 3 = i win

round 4 = i win

round 5 = i win

lol that might look like i dominated him, but he had me trembling in my seat from the intensity of that match :P well gf is going to post pics here soon, so il let him. hes also going to elaborate on the match a little bit *hint hint* :P cuz im to lazy to remember =p

anyways, good game johnny. now whos next?

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HEY!!!!! GET OUT OF MY THREAD U INSIGNIFICAN UNDERLING :P j\k lol ya i figured id let u post that. so now im just waiting for a challenge, /me stares at loendal. :P hmm we should make a section of the forums for these one on ones, theres really no place to post them :?

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