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How to remove blip


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function blipper () 
local perfectBlip = createBlip (sintax) 
destroyElement (perfectBlip) 
addEvent ("onPlayerCommand", true) -- Why are you creating an event ;o? 
addCommandHandler("hiddeblip", blipper) 

i think that it not will work...

Anyways is it a blip you had created with a script, or the normal blip attached to you player?

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addCommandHandler ( "destroyblip", 
    function ( thePlayer ) 
        for index, element in ipairs ( getAttachedElements ( thePlayer ) ) do 
            if ( getElementType ( element ) == "blip" ) then 
                destroyElement ( element ) 

That'll destroy ANY blip attached to the player who uses the /destroyblip command.

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