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MTA NASCAR Championships




Hey everyone!

Some of you may know me, some of you may not... either way, a few buddies of mine and myself are starting a new MTA server based completely off of the NASCAR series. We already have a number of maps, some of which were made by us, and some of which were downloaded from the AMAZING mappers here.

I've done a lot of mapping before for DM/DD servers, however, because this is such a specific server, we're opening our doors to the public of MTA to see if we can get some help finding some AMAZING maps.

We need maps that are based off of the real NASCAR series (click here to see the official tracks in NASCAR)

If you have maps based off of the NASCAR series, or EVEN F1, we'd LOVE to have them.

We already have some of the GREAT maps from servers like SKC (Thanks to them for the free maps, and here is the link to their page)

A few of the maps we're looking for in particular are:

Atlanta Motor Speedway

Road America


Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Nurburg (Both the short version and the long version would rock)

Anyone who helps us out will get a special credit on the server with your name listed.

And if you can think of any more, please please PLEASE feel free to comment.

We appreciate your time reading this and hope to see you all on our dedicated server upon completion.

Thank you!

e-Hate, and the MTA NASCAR Championship Team.

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Hey guys, I have made a few F1 tracks and many, many custom race tracks...you have probly had a few from SKC :)

Look forward to the server!


Cool, actually we only have 2 maps from SKC among our over 800 map collection. If you'd like you can send me a PM on these forums with your maps and our guys will check 'em out, and they may even be added to the server :o

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theres a link to some maps...all with hotring racer...im sure there are quite a few more I can find as well...feel free to check out the MSD map folders on my Skydrive...there are 100's of maps :)

Thanks for the link, but I just gave that a quick view and didn't really look at the maps yet because I noticed... It has your real life name and pictures of your family, you should PM that link to me, cuz you never know when some weirdo may come online and read this and see your family pictures or whatever.

Thanks though, I'll definitely give the maps a look through!

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