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GTA V (working title) (30/10/2003 om 22:13 CET) by Blokker


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Cindi Buckwalter, executive vice president of Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Vice City publisher Rockstar Games has announced at the 20th Annual Technology Conference in New York City that the next GTA game will be launched "In the back half of '04, Q4" so by the holidays. The game has simply be titled "Grand Theft Auto 5" for the moment.

When asked for more details about GTA5 she went silent. Lots of rumours have been spread in the past about the setting. Both LA (or San Andreas) and Vegas are rumourd to be possible settings.

source: GameSpot

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GTA, GTA London, GTA2, GTA3, GTA:Vice City and now GTA5?

Its not very logical, it should really be called GTA4 or sum it up and call it GTA6. Not like im complaining (acctually, i proberly am), a new GTA games coming out, and thats great.

Yeah, I reckon they should stick to San Andrea's. But thats the 3 main names gone after that, their gonna have to think up sum more, Carcer City might be in line for GTA: after GTA5, its already making its Debut appearance in Manhunt (this game looks mental).

Japan, Turkmenistan or Sweden (of all palces) might be a little too far fetched, Unless your looking for Gamecubes, Terrorists and a good Pillage on a English coastal Monestary :D

I already own a PS2, so Im sorted next year!

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