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[SOLVED] Need dxtext sth like that rank system!


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Hi, I would like to create dxtext or something like that rank text in my server by using

if (zombiekills >= 0) and (zombiekills <= 4) then 
and also 
elseif (zombiekills >= 5) and (zombiekills <= 10) then 

That if zombie kills is from 0 to 4 the text i set will be showing for player, if zombie kills is from 5 to 10 it will be showing other text i want, like your rank is...

I tryed to do it by myself but not successfull...

Maybe someone of you guys could create for me that?

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local aZombieKills =  
    { 0, 4, "Text 1" }, 
    { 5, 10, "Text 2" }; 
for i = 1, #aZombieKills do 
    if( zombiekills >= aZombieKills[i][1] and zombiekills <= aZombieKills[i][2] ) then 
        -- show text: aZombieKills[i][3] 

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