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[help]gangBases created from other file


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hello, I have one question, when I want make one file for only I can move, how I can do?(I know I need have

moveObject getPlayerTeam getTeamName getElementData createObject colshape 

Example(otherFiled to put coord. of the gate):

obj - id object

cx - close x

cy - close y

cz - close z

crx - close rotation x

cry - close rotation y

crz - close rotation z

ox - open x

oy - open y

oz - open z

orx - open rotation x

ory - open rotation y

orz - open rotation z

ng - name gang

nt - name team

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First, I need create one file will be compiled, but I want in this file (gate), add this local to other file (coordgate), where I will put my coord.How I can make this script?

You can create .xml or .map file for this.

Example of syntax:

    <gate x="1" y="2" z="3" moveX="1" moveY="2" moveZ="3"/> 

x, y, z - Gate's start position

moveX, moveY, moveZ - Gate's move position moveX=

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root = getRootElement () 
local resource = getResourceMapRootElement ( resource, "SWATgates" ) 
function openSWATGate1(thePlayer) 
if getElementType ( theplayer ) == "player" then 
       moveObject (gateSWAT1, 2000, moveX, moveY, moveZ, rotx, roty, rotz ) 
addEventHandler( "onColShapeHit", swatcol1, openSWATGate1 ) 
addEventHandler ( "Open", root, openSWATGate1 ) 
function closeSWATGate1(thePlayer) 
if getElementType ( theplayer ) == "player" then 
       moveObject (gateSWAT1, 2000, x, y, z, rotx, roty, rotz) 
addEventHandler( "onColShapeLeave", swatcol1, closeSWATGate1 ) 
addEventHandler ( "Close", root, closeSWATGate1) 

    <gate Name=gateSWAT1 id= x="1283.5999755859" y="-1608" z="7.8000001907349" rotx="90" roty="0" rotz="89.994506835938" moveX="1283.5999755859" moveY="-1597" moveZ="7.8000001907349" /> 

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