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server has a hack script !!! [ Close this Topic ]


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Hello ,

When i join to server the Anti Virus has give me Warn with this path:

C:\Program Files\MTA San Andreas 1.3\mods\deathmatch\resources\ALHRBY

and He automatically opened new Window with File Transfer !!

See this Pic :


^ Sorry 4 the Language my PC with arabic language ...

i think it's Bifrost Patch !

and you Can enter the server and see by your self !

Server Info: 
Name : █kgq.56aRhb717█~][F7][KsA]=[ ♥ الفدراليه للهجوله ♥ ]=[F7][HajwalaH] 
IP :  

And i hope Close This server !!

And sorry 4 bad English ^

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@ Callum

you don't understand !

the Program has running Automatically by his self !

and i know how to use Bifrost , Spy programs !

but i opened this Topic to close the server not to learn how to Run programs with lua !!

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Guest Guest4401

Can't wait for 200mb of download in that server...

Anyway, you might have received a virus in your PC, but as far as I know, the program never launched itself.

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