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Dont know if this is the right place...

Guest ownage

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... to post this message.. But anyways.

I was just wondering, if you could get a Mini-gun in MTA:VC.. Because I seen someone with it and he was killing everybody. And he wouldn't die. I dont know if thats a cheat or not, But I'm pretty sure it is.

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I was in the same server as you which was a few hours ago and I also seen this individual using the Mini-Gun....

I know there is a flame thrower in the game, but im not telling where its at :)

If this guy was cheating why isn't MTA doing somthing about their client, i mean the trainer prevention is so easy to get passed its not even funny.. any newbie can do it... and it involves no skill whatsoever... your Title checks are not gonna cut it MTA team... you need to make it scan the memory for trainer SOURCE, not title... which is how a lot of anti-cheat people do it. such as Punkbuster,VAC,Cheating-Death and etc...

I suggest MTA team does somthing about this BEFORE they actully release their next mta version... i mean soon as i see a cheater it spoils the game and I quit, so does everyone else...

Fix your holes

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