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VCPD (Vice City Police Department)


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match- vck 3-1

Total Points = 1040

Next Scheduled War

-note- we are now accepting challenges, if you want to challenge us then do it in our topic in the gangs thread. we will compete, but probably not in the mini-league as one of us(or more) would have to fight for both clans. unless u guys would accept that :?:P

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Sounds good DeathB, but yeah you're right I would like to see the members of VCPD fend for themselves. VCP has obviosly proven themselves, and how are you gonna know if any VCPD members are worthy of being in VCP if you, Iggy, and Ransom win all their battles for them. I think the same should go for VCA too. Not too sure if some of their members are in VCK or not. 8)

Unless of course a VCPD match is short handed by a few players then I would consider it. :)

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