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[HELP]MTA Not Responding



Here is my problem : 1- Open MTA 1.3

2-while the GTASA Loading page is which says all reservation rights etc rockstar games ,etc etc

3-i get the window saying ..QUICK CONNECT , SERVER BROWSER , HOST SERVER .... ETC

4-one second after getting the window above ^ i get my MTA Not Responding ..

NOTE : I DONT NEED PEOPLE SAYING RE-INSTALL MTASA1.3 CAUSE I INSTALLED IT ABOUT 8 TIMES FROM 8 DIFFERENT SITES , AND DONT SAY RE-INSTALL GTASA I HAVE RE-INSTALLED IT 3 TIMES , AND DONT TELL ME YOU INSTALLED A BAD MOD CAUSE I DIDNT INSTALL A THING , I AM PLAYING MTASA 1.3 SINCE 1.5 YEARS ! today is the first time that happens .. i need help D: ! please Help me for GOD sake ! and dont tell me wait for it till it responds .. i waited once over 3 hours +

that is my MTADiag-Log : http://pastebin.com/8Xqk9RXf

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