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Sorting table alphabetically


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Hello, how can I sort table alphabetically? I know that I will probably use table.sort, but with what arguments?

I want list of the players..

plrs = getElementsByType("player") 
table.sort(plrs, ?) --Problem 

You dont need any args for it.

local t = { "b", "c", "a", "d" } 
print( unpack(t) ) -->> b   c   a   d 
table.sort( t ) 
print( unpack(t) ) -->> a   b   c   d 


But then again, you cant just sort getElementsByType("player") afaik as that returns elements.

If you want it to sort by the player names, you could do:

local players = getElementsByType( "player" )   -- Get all the players. 
local playerNames = {}   -- Create a table to store the player names. 
    for i=1,#players do   -- Loop through all players. 
        local playerName = getPlayerName( players[i] )   -- Get the players name. 
        table.insert( playerNames, playerName )   -- Store the players name in the new table. 
table.sort( playerNames )   -- Sort the new table. 
print( unpack( playerNames ) ) -->> aPlayer   bPlayer   cPlayer   dPlayer 

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