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furthest jump

Guest Shrek

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look at the direction his car is facing....

now rotate that 169 degrees... and move him back 900 feet...

that would put him in the ocean...

Not necessarily, he could have been rolling or he hit something when he landed which made him face that way...I mean the whole stats thing stays up for a good 2 seconds..

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I know how he did it...its a hack that lets you drive on the water, :evil: when ever you leave the water it displays the Money Award and a Jump Stats. I does this because it somehow tricks MTA into thinking the car has jumped and keeps it above the water. Notice there is 0 for Height and 0 for Flips, that is the calling card of the water hack. I have a screenie of one that is well over 1,000 feet that I took while catching someone cheating, I'll post it when I get home

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i didnt tweak it, i will get a movie for u now, its the twin towers mod. basically they just dumped twin towers in the ocean, drive up there, (took 3 mins in a stinger :shock: ) and drive off.

whoever said about the ocean was right, but i aint got sum hack or nefing :(

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check that out, 839ft, i gotta be the king :D

OK, I saw your vid....dude there is no skill involed in driving of a roof and free falling. 2nd, you posted it as "furthest jump" YOU DID A FREE FALL".

3rd, you use a MOD to do it and you used said MOD in MTA to make it appear you have stunt/jump/trick skills. :evil::evil:

At the end of your video you say your DAD bought the PC for you, tell him to take it back to the store, get a refund and by you some books on ethics.

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