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MTA/GTA:VC World Record Challenge

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i have a question, when you get on the ground sometimes you get a couple of extra spins, do those count?

because if they do iv got all of u beat :)

If its in the final rotation score that you see after you complete a stunt then yes.

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Ok, I reviewed both video's carefully and decided that Grim, your video is not valid because of 2 reasons, you only ride it out for about 2 seconds instead of the three required, and second, i can't read the score that you got at the end. DeSpErAdO's video has been crowned record holder. Its ok if your on fire when you perform the stunt although, once you blow up that is treated as though you fell off the bike. So you must ride it out for more then three seconds before blowing up. We have judged on this ruling in the past.

Grim, you can send us your .rep file and a screenshot and we will review it again but i think what we have decided already is going to stand, from what we have seen so far.

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Didn't think my first post was gonna be about this, but whatever...

Ok, first of all *bump* as this thread should be at the top (maybe stickied?) and second, Bloody said I get the record if you can't guess how this happened (no mods, no cheats, no edits, etc, etc) :P.


(Nah not really, but just thought I'd show this one to you ppl :))

Edit: Vid's coming soon.

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LOL yeah i figured it out without any hints! I am sure someone else can aswell....

Yeah i dunno why this has never been made stickie.. I mean the competition video is still stickie and it stopped like 3 weeks ago. This is an on going competition!

Anyway, i think its because the mods don't like me :cry: lol

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The fun (and spam :P) stuff aside, I'd like to poke at the rules for a minute. Talking about them in real time while playing MTA was kinda working, but with the rest of the chatting going on along with it, it eventually just gets hard to understand what the hell we're trying to say, so I just thought I'd take some time and write it out in a clean, long post :). Ok, so here's a few thoughts:

- You already saw the first one in my prev post :). I posted that just to "burn that card" and let ppl know about it, although I really don't think it can be considered a "bug" like getting fused in a wall and then violently released or whatever; more like a built-in negligence or something. Anyway...

- As I was telling Bloody and Sam, there's another vehicle that could possibly reach the same kind of heights that a PCJ can; that is the taxi. In case any of you didn't know, after a 100 dropoffs you get a booster (hydraulics? not sure) with which you can do some pretty cool stuff if you time your jumps and angles right. Just as an example, my personal record is 130ft high at the fountain (probly gonna put that in my vid for kicks).

Right, anyway we were talking about this and from what I understand their opinions are against considering taxi jumps valid entries for the competition. Although I understand where that's coming from and see the logic behind it (doesn't require as much skill, precision or experience to lauch off anything with cars), I still think that ruling against them just promotes a kind of unwritten-law-type thinking of "PCJ's only".

Now I know most stunts are done with PCJ's and in the end, to be able to pull those off means that someone has gained enough experience to be a recognized stunter or something close to that at least; hell, I've found out first hand busting my balls in the last month to get PCJ's to do what I wanted them to. Still, I believe that if people can get a legit record with another vehicle, they should be allowed to, since not only does that promote varied n' out-of-the-box thinking and stunting, it also allows for alternate entertainment for the rest of us seeing the results. I mean I don't know about you, but personally I get another kind of kick when I see some weird Blista stunt or something in a vid, or anything other than PCJ's in general. So with that in mind, I think if someone is so good and can nail a record with a taxi (it's still really fokn hard), they should get the recognition for it. I'd like to hear what you think about this.

- MTA stunts: IMO the whole point of this competition is getting out there and look for the perfect place to do the perfect stunt. Although not as big as Liberty, VC is still pretty big and still has alot of undiscovered places good enough to stunt at. So for example if coming up with the kind of stunt Chaos did is what it takes to break a record, that's the kind of mentality we should be aiming for.

The way I see it, stunt mode needed the ramps not because VC didn't have enough places, but because they wanted to reduce the time between stunts for the people playing there AND help people not that good at stunting by giving them a break with something easier to launch off from. Of course that's all good and understandable, but I still think those ramps are something artificial, or unnatural, or whatever you want to call them. They give ppl opportunties that weren't really there before, that weren't part of Vice. Plus this whole issue of being able to get cars, or many vehicles in general in places you normally couldn't (like the G-Spotlight mission office building) is somewhat shady IMO, as you can easily lay another PCJ for example next to the window and run to it going for a nice rotation result, or use any other car for that, etc. Anyways, I guess what I'm saying is records attained in MTA IMO aren't as "pure" and original as those done at SP VC - they still take skill n precision to pull off no doubt, but in the end they're more "bastards" than kosher. Just a thought...

That's all for now :).

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I still haven't come to a full conclusion about the taxi thing yet. I think it is kind of "cheap" and "unsportsman like." Thats why i feel it should be disqualified (most likely). I am going to discuss it more with Samurai_ohk and the two other members of TGA and see if they feel the same way. As far as MTA stunts go, they are included for two main reasons, you can use your imagination a little more and get someone to help you get that rotation/hieght/distance that you want and also I think its awesome when there is a server full of people and they are all trying to break the world records. I think taking MTA out of the comp would be cheating MTA players of a great opertunity. Also by having the MTA ramps included it makes it more intresting then limiting it to just SP jumps. I want to see people get creative and break records.

Talking about breaking records, when the hell is someone gonna break a record??? I could have sworn i heard Samurai_Ohk claim he was gonna take back over the rotation record!? And what about the rest of you stunters, i know someone out there has balls enough to break these records.

I am thinking about maybe offering a PRIZE for this comp, but i dunno. Possibly some webspace and subdomain from TGA with unlimited bandwidth? I wanna hear what you think of me throwing in a prize? would it get anyone motivated to break these records? Possibly even throw in a TGA shirt (POSSIBLY they are still in the works)

I wanna see records BROKEN i don't like seeing records stand! :twisted:

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LOL, do you have any idea just how many "basketcased" PCJ's I have in my back yard from trying to break my own record? I'm thinking of opening up a used bike parts shop.

Call me if you need parts but be quick if you need any front end parts. (They tend not to survive the failed AP Ramp attempts) :P

Anyway, I'll be back breaking reacord soon, I'm working hard on xerox's stunt vid.

I dont like the idea of a prize it might bring more people in to the comp but I also think it will bring in the RIFF-RAFF if you know what I mean.

Prokopis, got me thinking on something....All the records have been held by PCJ stunters....why not split the comp in to a few categories.

ex. PCJ Records (will always be the best of the best) Infernus/Ring Racer Records (why both?? One is front wheel drive and one is rear wheel) and mabey choose a Set Car for a 2 Wheel Distance Record.

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We are intraducing a few more challenges because of popular request and also because the records that are currently standing are pretty sound. Here are the new catagories:

stunts performed by Cars:





2 wheels (a screen shot of this will be sufficient)

Bikes(a screen shot will be sufficient):



The reason we are only asking for a screen shot for some of these is because frapsing while doing a wheelie/stoppie/2 wheel disrupts doing the stunt, the stunt may not fit in a replay file so you would have to fraps it while doing it to catch it all. So we are only asking for a screen. We will try our best to sift through any "doctored" screen shots to make sure entrys are legit.

We are moving the current records underneath a new heading, "Bike stunts", this will include the stoppie and wheelie records.

All records will be posted in the first post of this thread as it has been done in the past, we will change records as they are broken. Also records will be posted on Http://thegamersalliance.com but it will take me a few days to get the page up.

I am going to surf through the forums and get what records are already out there that i know of.

2 wheels, stoppie, and wheelie are all broken up into distance and time catagories

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