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MTA/GTA:VC World Record Challenge

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You beat that last guy!!

Are you guys sure you're not using the flying car cheat?

It sure looks like the Rhinos are 'gliding'...


Nope, no cheats used by me either - but its a moot point anyway since I was beaten for distance.....

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I dont think Bloddy views this forum anymore, so would a mod wanna take his job to view the vids to see if they are legit and edit the first post? :wink:

i dont really have time sorry you might better ask xenex

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Hmmm... looks like i need to update these stats a little don't I? lol Sorry guys, i will get the stats updated as soon as i can (probably later today)

I am home for the summer for college and working full time, I don't have as much time as i used to :(

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  • 3 weeks later...

i broke the record spinning 8)8)

i got 5991 degrees landed :D:D

Download here !

the record is done with a clean install of gta: vc (only the skin of tommy is different, but that doesn't make a difference) and it containt no mods/hacks/cheats/trainers or other shit 8)

(damn vcsl is down, but up hopefully really soon, if ya can't wait 2 c it add me 2 ur msn so i can send it 2 u )>>>


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  • 2 weeks later...

Dang I also tried to make a record but I only gotten to 267 seconds.

However I did make a video of it... So this is the new worldrecord which is taped on video. :D

2 bad for u Extent... hahaha...

Get it here: ----------> Superstoppie

PS: ofcourse tell me what you guy's think of it... :P

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  • 1 month later...

Barney claims he has the SPIN record beat at 6134. Lets see it Barney :)

Ramon- might wanna start savoring the last moments of that shiny crown. :wink:

EDIT- Just got the vid from the New World record holder in rotation, Barney, and it should be up later today with updated stats. Congrats 8)

Now lets beat 7000 W00t

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Oh my god! :| Please upload it.

Ramon is NOT gonna like this. 8)

But I'm gonna beat it if you don't mind, because our next video must have the world record in it. :D

Bah.. What video?

All talk m8, show us this video.. Then I'll believe you cause after 2 months talking about a stunt video, it aint here.. :P

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