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Game feels choppy.



Hello all, i am having a very annoying issue, my game runs smooth for 2 to 3 mins, then it feels choppy, BUT my fps stays at 55 stable, even if it is stable 55 if feels choppy.

I am having this problem when i use windows 7, when i use windows XP everything runs smooth and nice. but once i use windows 7 it lags, (i need windows 7 for bf3 and i dont like vista).

My pc specs

CPU : Intel Pentium G620 2.6 ghz @ 2.7 ghz

GPU : Sapphire HD 6770 core clock overclocked to 780 mhz and memory clock to 1350 mhz

RAM : 2 gb 1333 mhz @ 1066 because of the cpu

HDD : 250 gb western digital 7200 rpm

I tried defragging the HDD, it didn't help, i am using the latest nightly build version, all my drivers are up to date.

I can run Crysis 2 and BF3 all maxout at a smooth fps, i dont get why i have this problem on mta.

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