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allright check this out i just formated because my whole drive got currupted somehow :cry: and well after 6 formats it finaly formated 100% and i was able to put an os back on. of course i choose xp so i can play vc and my other games. now heres my problem each time i pop in my vice city cd the installer closes out!!! so i took all the files out and put them in a iso and tryed that method. and it still closes out my install and no im not hitting cancel! i rarely ask for help so if anyone has any info on how to fix this other than formating again would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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Why did it take 6 formats to format 100% soundz like a major HDD problem. If you can explain this a wee bit more it might help with the overall problem.

I've had that before and to fix it I low level formatted my drive with the correct tool from my HDD manufacturer. Now the drive is like brand new and I have not had a single MAJOR scandisk error on it in the last 2 years (i.e bad sectors) infact the low level format fixed ALL the bad sectors on the drive.

As for the installer quiting on you...at what point EXACTLY does it quit on you? when you click a button? when it finishes loading? are there any error messages? If you give some more details I might be able to help you out. (it could still be something to do with the fact you had to format your drive 6 times!)

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i formated 1 more time and it fixed:P well this is what happened i turned off the computer then when i whent to boot up xp sayd it had some bad sectors and could not continue to boot yadda yadda so i tryed safemode didnt work then grabbed a bootdisk did a lowlevel format it got to 70% and it shutdown the pc took me 6 try's before it reached 100% when i was installing vc soon as i clicked the install loading thing came up then it totaly closed out no errors nothing :( ohh welll its fixed now and someone hooked me up with a program thats supposed to fix some errors on my drive i wish i knew how it happened. someone told me it had to do with not defragging my drive i have never done it in yeeeeears i belive i stopped on windows 95 after i waited 5hours and got a bluescreen :P

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