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[HELP] Smoke tires


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there are some "Third Party GTA Mods" which make those smokes invisible. I don't think you can make it with script.

Edit: Try deleting gta_sa.set file from the User Files.

Edit 2: Try installing "GTA SA Ruckelfreier Mod v1.2" if deleting gta_sa.set doesn't work.

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guys i never found drift smoke script and i tryed to make it ,use this and have fun ?

local lx,ly,lz,lrx,lry,lrz = 1,-1.4,-0.8,0,0
local rx,ry,rz,rrx,rry,rrz = -1,-1.4,-0.8,0,0,0
local vehId = {466,526,558,567}
function upgradeTheCar( key, keyState, vehId)
    if not tonumber(vehId) then
        return false
    local veh = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( localPlayer )
    smokeL = createObject( 2780, 2,2,2)
    smokeR = createObject( 2780, 2,2,2)
    setElementCollisionsEnabled ( smokeL, false )
    setElementCollisionsEnabled ( smokeR, false )
    attachElements ( smokeL, veh,  lx,ly,lz,lrx,lry,lrz, vehId )
    attachElements ( smokeR, veh,  rx,ry,rz,rrx,rry,rrz, vehId )  
function ungrade ()
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