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Your vehicle has been hijacked Problem found

Guest stehel

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It seems that sometimes you get the message your vehicle has been hijacked, even when you are in mid air in the helicopter. This happened to me yesterday different times. I was driving a car and then the message appeared and i was on top of the car and in the car sat a guy, that looked like me (and it was me as far as i can say). I tried to reenter, but everytime I did it, my car got hijacked back (there was also no name on this guy). Why do I know, that it was a copy of my model instead of someone else, because it seemed that the whole game got desynced (everyonbe stood still), but the chat was going on and everytime someone got killed and respawned he appeared at the location, but didn't move. And from time to time the other model appeared in my car / helicopter no matter where I was and how fast I was driving. The game was some sort of desync and some sort of synced, like my model appearing in my car and hijacking my car back.

I hope this helps

By the way: great work with the new version, less crashes and great stunt mode, keep the good work up :D

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It's called lag.

Also, MTA is very buggy. There are times a car maybe there for you but not for others. WHen this happens the car for the other person or persons could be in a ditch somewhere on a road not being used or even being driven by someone.

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i saw somthing even weired than that i was driving down the street and i saw somone that i thougth had same name as me and i was gonna go back and see if it was to go yell at somoen for stealign my name then i realized that person was me it had same health as me same name exatly and same calss and it was just standing there so being the person i was i punched it this was in stunt mode so i couldnt shoot and i lost health. weird

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