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Please answer!!!

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:roll: I haven't even downloaded MTA:VC yet but i am probably going to but i had a few questions first

1.Can I rob stores?

2.Can I use the seaplane?

3.Are the cars on the side of the roads and if so are the helicopters there too?

4.Are the buildings such as the Malibu still open?

5.Can you still buy guns and melee weapons or are they just scattered around the city?

6.How many people are in one game at a time?

7.Are there any cops?

8.What are the 6 careers?

9.What affect do they have on the gameplay?

Well thats all. And i promise when i start playing i will not start gangs n' shit for no reason.

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1. no

2. no

3. yes, helicopters are in the usual points that are in SP

4. yes

5. scattered

6. as many as the server allows I believe

7. no, just a career for them

8. cop, VCC, sailor, mexican, racer, robber

9. different weapons, spawn points, and items (such as sailor gets regenative health, cop has body armor)

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well said :D

the weapons are scattered around vice city and

Career Choice Spawn location Enemies Features Radar colour


Cop Police HQ Robber and VCC Only career able to use armour Pale blue

Robber Prawn Island Cop and VCC Most spawn area vehicles Purple

Mexican Airport Terminal Sailor and VCC Most powerful weapons Bright Pink

Sailor Cargo Ship Mexican and VCC +2 health heal per second Green

VCC Random Other VCC Highest number of starting weapons Dark Blue

Racer Hymen Stadium None Fastest spawn vehicles Light Green

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