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A few suggestions

Guest iq_132

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Hi, I'm fairly new to mta :)

Anyway, here's my suggestions.

In the MTA client add a favorites system. So that you can add some servers to it and select one of them

(I would like this because I'm in a university and someone different is hosting a game every day)

Add a server option that makes every player that is killed drop money. When you get a certain amount of money, you get new guns or vehicles have better handling... some sort of incentive.

Make the in-game chat window a little smaller, I know you can hide it, but sometimes it's nice to have it open. It takes up way too much space though at it current size.

Add an extension to windows that makes it take mta:// links

so like you click on a link that says My server and it brings up the mta client.

Thanks for your time :)


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I thought of another idea :)

Everybody against one.

You the server randomly picks the person that is "it" and you all try to kill him. I know this sounds cheap, but here's the kicker. Give the person that is "it" 10 times as much health and every type of weapon with full ammo :)

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heh i want to be able to pick who is it. i personally find it fun when we have all vcp-vcpd on a server to have them try to kill me. so ya i would like to see that mode to :P

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