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You'll have to make use of dxDrawRectangle or dxDrawImage to draw an image as an window and also the function guiGetScreenSize.

Here is an example of an override of dxDrawRectangle to be ajusted automatically for every resolution:

local screenWidth = 800; 
local screenHeight = 600; 
local iScreenW, iScreenH = guiGetScreenSize ( ); 
__dxDrawRectangle = dxDrawRectangle; 
function dxDrawRectangle ( ... ) 
    local arg = { ... } 
    return __dxDrawRectangle ( ( arg[1] / screenWidth ) * iScreenW, ( arg[2] / screenHeight ) * iScreenH, ( arg[3] / screenWidth ) * iScreenW, ( arg[4] / screenHeight ) * iScreenH, arg[5] or nil, arg[6] or nil ); 

Note: Change 'screenWidth' and 'screenHeight' variables to the screen size where you got screen positions.

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