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Cars having a fit

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This has proberly been posted,

But since 0.2.2 has come out and my m8s share cars we find that when randomly driving along with someone that you hit laggy patches and the car has a attack (stops dead moving and starts shaking) you cant get out of the car also. Is there a reasolution to this ? Or dont you have a clue what you are on about :roll:


Chris Olver

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I think I know what you mean. I've had it happen.

It's kinda like sudden non-stop major lag. It has only happened for me when driving fast down the road a someone jumps out of the car.

Best thing I can suggest is if it doesn't stop after a second or two tell people to start exiting the car.

It happened last night 4 times to me and a buddy on some server. I was driving and 3 times I had to jump out of the car to fix it, only once did it work when he, the passenger, jumped out.

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