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My view at DD Statistics

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Little description


Winner = total players / 2

2nd place = tp / 3 (if more 3 players on server)

3rd place = tp / 4 (if more 4 players on server)

Points will be rounded (example 10.355 points will be 10 points. 10.7 = 11 points)

I guess it should be counted only with 2 (may be 3?) and more players online.

Rank is just the Place in Points TopList. So the person who earned more points than others, will have 1st Rank.

Ratio = (Wins / Matches) * 100%

WinStreak is Player's maximum wins in a row.

So "WinStreak: 10 (average 15 players)" means that Player's record is 10 wins in a row while there were ~15 online players on server.

But there is also some problem. What is better "10 (~15)" or 7 (~20)"? So, I think that it could be better to create groups (like in Ratio groups) and the minimum Strikes which allow you to be moved to the Upper " WinStreak group".

Ratio Groups:

1). 2-6 players online

2). 7-11

3). 12-16

4). 17-21

5). 22-26

I am not sure about amount of groups. Possibly it would be better to make less groups.

Activity Factors:

FD - Average distance driven per map (kilometers)

FH - Average HP spent per map (1.0 = 1 HP. So it could be for example 1.55, 3.40 or 2.60. I guess its good factor showing if the player is camper)

And about DD Collisions script (u can see this Kills and Deathes scoreboard-columns at GMC Hard, WayDC and some other DD servers), which is amount of Kills/Deathes in the Scoreboard. Anyway, DD Collision stats should be added in the Main Stats too.

For example:

1. Kills/Deathes basic Ratio (working since 100 kills)

2. Average Kills per 10 maps

3. Top Kills per Map

4. idk, you invent more interesting parameters

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