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i like mta im just a bit pissed off at it :P

why do people play dm with it its sucks alot of bugs so you shoot at someone for 5min and then he shoots you for ones and you die =/ i mean cmn am i the only one??? :roll: so im saying all you 1337 h4xx0rz coders help MTA!!! i mean with the code :) because mta rulez gtaT

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dont worry its just u :P you need to shoot around a little bit, theres aiming bugs, combined with lag that u need to deal with. if u dont think u can maybe ur better off in stunt mode 8) but personally deathmatch currently is "and always will be" my favorite mode :D

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I am familiar with the lag issues and how to work around them and the aiming bugs and I do pretty good when fighting. But, I was on the phone with a friend while we were playing in the same server. We both have cable Internet. We live fairly close to one another. He said on his screen he was shooting me for 5 minutes and I was flopping around like a fish. On my screen we were both standing there peacefully. He always gets this. He will shoot and blow up someone's car and they will ask him to hop in thinking he is friendly. He can only kill people with his chainsaw or other handheld or vehicles. Meanwhile, he can be killed if someone breathes on him. He wants to be a mass murderer but he looks like Miss Congeniality

My question: Could his problem be that he downloads very fast and uploads slowly? Is there anyway for him to compensate for this?




I apologize if this is a known bug that I didn’t read about. I really get annoyed reading the forum when someone with 3 posts asks a stupid question that they could have figured out on their own.

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noooo - youve just given away the secret of our skills =p (deathb watch out =)

yeah - aiming ahead usually works, and its almost impossible to hit someone who has a high ping *hint* =)

though you cant hit them either so it gets kinda boring

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you might tell him to check his firewall too, before i fowarded 2003, i could connect and kill people, but it wouldn't all the incoming data in, probably 25% got thru as odd as it sounds. people got VERY frustrated with me, then i fowarded it, and get killed more often lol. Also a well placed moltov can solve the aiming issue hehe

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