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Well, the only info being sent between the two computers is where each player is. So if one person has a mod (called A from now on) that adds a stunt park, and the other person doesn't (B), and A goes to... say, the top of a hill in the stunt park, all their computer does is say that they're at co-ordinates 9998234, 2342355, 2345231 (something like that at least). Not that they're on top of a hill.

If the other person doesn't have the mod, then all they'll see is A floating in the sky.

You can get some pretty weird results if B drives along the ground. A will see their car driving through the stunt park, magically going through brick walls. :wink:

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i think that when u have a mod ,likes stunt park for example, if sumwun is driving around in it and sumwun else doesnt have it, they will see the car drving in the air.

but maybe not...

bomer Ü

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