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Wanted meter? Money meter?

Ben Lagg

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The money meter? Why not allowing Ammunation, and make it so that you can only get money for killing enemies, and lose it for killing friends (could prevent cops killing cops).

The wanted meter is, as you all know, not useful in MTA. Why not making some use for it? For x-ample: Killing people makes ti go up, and the non-teammates who kill you get money for it (bigger the wanted level, more worth to kill). Pay 'n Spray service should cost very much and only take one or two W-levels away (needed to enable Pay 'n Spray, right). This would make use for those two unneeded meters.

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I've read some comments about friendly fire -option, and i think it wouldn't be so fun(?) that you couldn't accidentally cancel your teammates. Loosing money would get there the real "friendly fire" option. There wouldn't also be anyone with enough money to kill anyone he wants since the game still tilts, and people die occasionally. And IF they wanted to people obey it EXTREMELY well, they'd remove all weapon pickups. But I don't see that absolutely necessary, since pickups fit in the game somehow.

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There's my poll in the "roleplaying MTA" in the "general MTA"-forum. Read it, and think about it!

For those too lazy to read it, here it is:

"In the single player, you can buy buildings, like Malibu, Printworks and Pole Position (in vice city).

Ok, s'pose you could Extort places like that, and you would get money for that. There are gangs, two or more, and cops. The gangs must take control over the places, and cops must prevent it. Places which refuse the generous offer must be dealt damage (add the chaosmeter (it just got into my mind)) and extortion and taking over requires some time spent at the place, bigger places require more time. Also the amount of gangers in the place makes it faster and easier, since, for x-ample, Malibu workers would probably only laugh themselves dead if some single guy just walked in and told them that he's taking over. The place could be taken over by another gang or cops by the same way, but they'd need to get rid of them earlier owners (just make them leave. dead... maybe)

-Different to cops, they wouldn't need to do damage to the place (something wicked called 'morale'(do cops have THAT???)) if they'll refuse, just keep gangsters away and/or lower the gangs power.

-Anytime someone is taking over a place occupied by others, the owners of the place get a warning about it.

-Money in this kind of scenario could be used for buying car respawns, weapon pickups and gang member/cop respawning times (the last one wouldn't be very good in this version, since many get the most horrible death: the computer error!)

-And for the cops: they could arrest people, so they wouldn't get killed, cops would get their money and guns, and they'd go in jail, and they could get freed by fellow gangsters.

What do you think?

It may have some things wrong in it, but I had no patience to look for them."

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EVERYBODY won't kill you, since the class you're in doesn't get money but LOOSE it by killing you, as you are their teammate (ok, at least classmate), only non-classmates get money for it (x-ample: robber killin' high wanted level robber loses money, while cop killing robber gets it). I think some ppl don't like their enemies getting better guns, 'n so they'll probably even help you (probably... or just go foolin' around, since who cares if you get popped, since you're annoying coz havin more money... :) )

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LOL kungfu

when i begun using this forum i saw many ppl spamming and flaming and so i thought: ok it seems this forum isnt really serious.

now what if every forum newcomer thinks the way i did? this forum would be very bad (full of Bs). the reason why i post when i deleted someones posts is that i wanna let forum newcomers understand that it isnt a joke.

m-16: ok np just tell him next time as a "btw" instead of double post such useless stuff :)

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u really do like to put ppl into place. I like that. :P

locked lmao :laughing6:

EDIT: :arrow: unlocked

Something has gotten into him since he's locking everything up. Probably thinks they'll be stolen

ROFLMFAO :lol: sure! i got a text file and whenever i lock a topic i paste the url into it, later when i got a son i can show him all the threads ive locked :laughing6:


(ru)ben: your suggestion wont be more considered cause its on top of the list, if this is your no1 suggestion and you are really hot for a useful answer than just get IRC and join: irc.multitheftauto.com\#mta, there you can ask the devs personally (dont pm!).

m-16: please stop using this forum in chat style (maybe get IRC too, than u can talk about them hampsters as much as you want :lol: ) btw, if u got a reason why a topic shouldnt be locked than just pm me the url and a reason...

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