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0.22 server crashing under Windows 98


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It runs fine untill another person joins, then a second later it crashes. I've tested it where one person came on a few seconds after the server started and right then it crashed, then I loaded it up again and it ran fine for a few minutes before another person joined and the server crashed. Are you guys working on fixing this problem?

THIS IS A SERVER! THIS IS NOT GTA OR THE CLIENT! 0.21 worked fine, and I can't upgrade this computer because you never kow wtf will work under an Emachine.

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2 words: dedicated server

Since when does someone use an Emachine 533 for gaming?

I think the real question is why the hell does someone buy an Emachine. LOL :lol:

I dont' know why you wont' upgrade the OS on that computer. Install Win2000 and it will run fine. It will probably run better with Win2000 on there than Win98. :P

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