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News in main menu outdated/empty



Hi folks,

Quite long ago already I noticed that MTA doesn't show the latest news in the main menu properly anymore.

On my laptop (Windows 7 Home Professional, previously "Kaspersky Security Suite CBE 11" as Anti-Virus software, firewall & etc. but recently replaced with Microsoft Security Essentials & Windows Firewall) it originally showed news that also were up to date, but the "latest" entry in the meantime is "Version 1.2 is out", even though the version number in the main menu reads 1.3 ;).

On my desktop computer (Windows XP MCE SP3, MSSE & Windows Firewall) I even see no news at all in version 1.3, similar to what Perfect screenshotted in his topic Timed out (I hope he doesn't mind me hijacking his picture):


Now having started version 1.2 to see if Slothbot's edf works in there I noticed though that it has one single news entry: "1.3 released" (Well, maybe that is cached).

So what is up with that? Is it only meant to show "relevant" news? Or is it an issue on my end that you can assist me in troubleshooting it?

Cheers, Mini-Me

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Hmm, I now think it seems to be cached globally on the computer and when downloaded filtered based on the version you're running. Because I went through all MTA versions (1.0.5, 1.1, 1.2) to test something else and it now shows up the release news for the older versions in 1.3, too.

But if you never had used MTA before and install 1.3 it apparently wont show any news at all, is that intended by the devs?

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