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Lag and runtime errors



Dear MTASA Community,

I, Tsumetai, have been playing MTA for a couple of years now. Since update 1.0.5 and up, lag started increasing each version. I understand that a new version means TONS of new features, but as long as I can run Skyrim without any FPS lag on medium, I don't believe that GTASA on LOW settings should give me FPS lag, that's just stupid.

I believe that hard disk fragmentation is an issue, as well as probably some sort of virus, but it might also be an MTA problem. Hell, you guys might know the solution, so why not ask.

I play MTA in window mode. I usually get 40 FPS, I have windows 7. The FPS is nice for some time, but it's REALLY unstable. Once it's 20 FPS, once it's 60. My cousin gets stable 40, and my PC has two times his specs.

Also, I get random runtime errors when I alt tab, even though I'm using window mode.



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All drivers are up to date. Could you provide the model number of your computer if there is one?

Hard disk performance could be a cause - your hard drives are fairly old and obsolescent. You can have Windows automatically defragment drives overnight. Start -> type "Disk Defragmenter" -> enter -> change the schedule to defragment daily.

I'll have someone look at your crashes.

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My computer was a gift from my uncle 3 years ago, but it got a bit old. I'll buy a new one on next easter, but until then I need to replace that hard drive. I had problems with the hard drive in the past too, so yeah.

Would a HDD Seagate 1TB, 7200RPM, 64MB, SATA 3, ST1000DM003 worK?

Also, I wish to mention, that on some games I lag with low settings, but with maximum settings they run at full FPS, is that normal?

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